Strategic Marketing Process:

5 step marketing plan to guarantee success!

  1. Marketing Research

  2. Develop

  3. Launch

  4. Measure

  5. Optimize

Marketing Research


Preemptively for any of our clients we research and do a competitive analysis to position your business in front of your target customers. This is a crucial part of the marketing plan because it is the foundation of the later steps to rest on. This research may include things such as:

  • keyword research

  • SEO/SEM research

  • competitors research

  • traffic forecasts

  • budget optimization

  • demographic research

  • audience research


  • Ad development

  • web development

  • video/creative development



After our research and development phase is finished, we launch!



We use modern analytic software to make sure you we are constantly optimizing your marketing plan. We use tools like:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • SEO Analytics

  • Facebook/Instagram Analytics

  • linkedin Analytics



After we have looked at our analytics and data it is time to optimize. We do this by constantly testing and finding you the lowest CPC with the highest conversion rate. Optimizing ads, landing pages, ect takes a lot of time and require constant tweaking. We are constantly applying A/B testing to figure out things like the best time to play your ad or the best people to show it to. This marketing strategy has worked with all of our clients and will work for you. The result will be more money in your piggy bank!

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