Email Marketing & Re-marketing


 Email marketing is a great resource for businesses for a few reasons.

  1. Allows you to send reminders

  2. Really great for B2B

  3. Has the ability to inform about products, specials, or events.

  4. Welcome emails are super effective in acquiring a new customer

  5. Gathering emails can be good data for re-marketing campaigns

  6. Great for customer retention

  7. Email is the primary source for communication in business 2 business

  8. Automation and scheduling can make email marketing effective and easy

  9. Segmenting your audience for re-marketing is very effective and leads to more conversions

  10. Great to reach out to customers who are half way down the sales funnel

The list goes on but I’ll spare you.

How does re-marketing work?

Re-marketing is like having a warm lead and following up with that lead. If you have ever had any sort of sales job it would be dumb to not follow up with a warm lead right? So why do you let traffic from your website go without a follow up. Sometimes a customer or client just needs a little nudge to convert. Now how do we accomplish re-marketing? Well there are actually a lot of different way to re-market to consumers and it really depends on your business. Re-marketing is crucial for customer retention.

sales funnel with no remarketing.JPG

Sales Funnel With No Re-marketing

remarketing sales funnel.JPG

Sales Funnel with Re-marketing

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