How to change your Squarespace banner height


How to change your Square space banner height

Quick and easy way to change your banner height in square space with no code needed.

squarespace banner.PNG

Step 1. Go into the back end of your Square space and click the banner you want to edit.

banner media.PNG

Step 2. Find the image you want to use and upload in the media section.


Step 3. Now you want to go to the general section and scroll down to “page description (optional)” section. It says this sections is optional but it actually dictates how large or small your banner height is. You don’t need to type anything to make it larger you can just press the enter key to the desired height and press save. Now if you want it smaller all you have to do is back space all the way to the top or the desired height.

Smaller banner

Smaller banner

Larger Banner

Larger Banner

Additional Tips: How to create a button on your banner.

banner button.PNG

Step 4. If you want a button on your banner this will work for most themes you just have to link the last text in your page description. If there is text before this it will be turned into your title.


Additional Help

If you are having trouble with your banner or creating something dynamic I recommend using either Adobe Photoshop or Canva.

Canva is a free resource that can be super useful especially if you aren’t a graphic designer.